Sit back, relax and enjoy the most fabulous secret hidden within the Blue Mountains. From the privacy of your own Villa, you can see the spectacular panoramic views of the Nilgiri Hills, the breathtaking Tea Estates and the far off Plains. This gorgeous 30 acre property is nestled alongside a beautiful Shola Forest. Within these woods hide some of Mother Nature’s most incredible flora and fauna, many of which are indigenous to this region. If you listen carefully you can hear the peaceful songs from Nature’s orchestra of birds, crickets, deer and other wild life. This is your chance to settle down, unwind and forget about your cares. Now is the ideal time and  FARVIEW MOUNTAIN RESORT VILLAS is the perfect place.

Farview Resort Farview Resort Farview Resort

The charming tale of a magical land…

Farview is a family owned Tea Plantation that was established in 1928 by William Joseph Henderson. He came to the Nilgiri Hills in search of beautiful property.  When he stepped foot onto this amazing piece of land, he was in awe by its beauty and most spectacular views. He knew at once that this was THE place to build his family home – he named it ‘Farview’. William Henderson hand picked and planted every tea bush with precision and care ensuring the very best quality possible.  With much dedication and persistence, he created a successful family owned Tea Plantation which produces one of the finest teas in India.
After the passing of William Henderson, his youngest son, Don Bosco Henderson continued the tradition of growing superior tea. Mr. Don Henderson’s love for his family and this beautiful land, his passion for nature and his dedication to producing the perfect Tea leaf is the reason that Farview is what it is today.  Mr. Henderson has an unbelievable green thumb and has planted all of the extraordinary, exotic flowers and trees that you see on this property. Each day you will find Mr. Henderson caring for his thousands of tea bushes and you can spot him by his brown leather Cowboy hat.
At FARVIEW MOUNTAIN RESORT VILLAS, we are honored to share this piece of paradise with you. We wish you a peaceful and relaxing stay with us and hope that you create wonderful memories to treasure always.